Increase the end quality| capture the most dangerous hacker in the United States and launch the website “YouTube”

Falls on 25 February, the anniversary of the arrest of Kevin Mitnick, the most dangerous computer hackers wanted by the Justice in the United States of America, in 1995.

Kevin Mitnick is Jewish-American, born in September 1963, which is one of the most famous hacker of computer systems, and experience by manipulating the electronic and penetrate computer systems in companies Fujitsu, Motorola and Sun Microsystems, has spent Mitnick was sentenced to 5 years in prison, was his struggle in 2003, as a security consultant for technology companies.

On 15 February 2005, was the launch of the video sharing site months globally currently “YouTube” YouTube, which was founded by 3 friends worked together in the company “PayPal” Paypal.

Two years after the launch of “YouTube”, Google acquired Google in a deal reached 1.65 million, becoming the “YouTube” and commercials from the best companies Google profitable, to become one of the most popular sites to see in the world, along with Facebook Facebook and Google Search and Google email “Gmail” Gmail.

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