Increase the end quality| computer defeated Kasparov in chess, well just up the flower on its way to the buyer

On this day, 10 February 1996, defeated the computer “Deep Blue” Deep Blue World Chess Champion, Russian Garry Kasparov, in a match held under the rules of chess tournaments standard.

This was the first time that the beat the computer world champion in chess, using these rules, the use of “Deep Blue” (Deep Blue), which is developed by company IBM, the processing technology are comprehensive to resolve the problems, and is designed to work be a therapist.

On 10 February 1990, flying vehicle “Galileo” satellite near the planet Venus, on its way to Jupiter, a spacecraft uninhabited sent by NASA NASA to study the planet buyer and its moons, and launched on 18 October 1989 from the space shuttle Atlantis and arrived at Jupiter on 7 December 1995.

Could Galileo entry to about 200 km within Jupiter’s atmosphere, before they completely destroy, move as important information and data about the atmosphere and the magnetic field and moons of the main planet, also found on the oceans under the surface of the moon Europe.

On 10 February 2009, the collision of satellite communication “Iridium 33″ (Iridium 33) and”Cosmos-2251” (Kosmos-2251) in its orbit, which led to destroyed completely, and that was the first collision of a large satellite in Earth orbit.

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