Increase the end quality| Japan launches the first of its satellites discovery applies to repair the Hubble Space Telescope

Falls on 11 February 1970, the anniversary of the Japanese launch for the first satellite in its history, which is a satellite “user” Ohsumi, and thus Japan became the fourth state, which put a satellite in orbit around the earth successfully without the help of another country, after the Soviet Union and the United States of America and France.

Named after the satellite on the province’s name “user” in the southern islands of Japan, launched from the center of the other space under the auspices of the Institute for space and aeronautics at the University of Tokyo, an exhibition that later became part of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency “Jackson” JAXA.

On 11 February 1974, the failure of the first missile of the model “Titan-Senator” Titan-Centaur, however the test was successful enough to stop scientists from conducting more tests on this design of the rocket.

On 11 February 1997, was the launch of the space shuttle “Discovery” the Discovery, on a mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope, which is the second task in a series of 5 missions necessary to repair the malfunctioning Hubble.

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