Independent car use virtual reality to chase away boredom

Hopes, car makers, including Audi Audi, Nissan and Nissan, in the granting of the passenger car Independent an outlet of boredom by providing entertainment services of the Treaty on the virtual reality, so, according to the executives in the industry.

Met senior executives in the automotive sector at CES Asia business in Shanghai this week to find ways to banish boredom from independent car guarantee the survival of the passengers busy.

He said executives in the automotive industry: the Audi and Nissan car makers others rely on cartoon characters and other virtual reality experiences to impart greater tolerance for the drivers and passenger car independent future.

Focused companies the automotive industry since a long time to adjust the drivers and make them bring the suspects to the road, but with the transition of the industry to independent car now, it has become the bikers and passengers, and the companies are facing a new problem is in how to deal with the boredom of the passengers.

Boris said Mine Boris Meiners, senior director of digital business at Audi: once you do not need the customer to drive anymore. the question is what kind of things that we can offer inside the car, it won’t have drivers of the future for the wheel.

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And automakers, such as Volkswagen, Volkswagen; and and Daimler Daimler; and, Ford, Ford, in car technology independent, as well as technology companies, like Uber Uber; the WWE just Waymo, a subsidiary of Google.

And the technology to overcome regulatory obstacles, in addition to studies indicate that it will take some time to trust the audience to ride autonomous cars fully, but industry leaders are busy thinking about the best entertainment systems in the car.

Showed are Holoride, an emerging company separate from the company’s Audi aims to focus on virtual reality technology, how do you want to convert trips to the experiences of virtual reality within the car Independent by highlighting the program of virtual reality takes passengers under water.

The program allows passengers to swim with the whales during their travel to their destination, where the movement is registered by a computer installed in the trunk of the car, which transmits data to a virtual reality system and adjusts what he’s watching passenger through virtual reality glasses.

While the company introduced the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan set of glasses for drivers and passengers, which provide information in real-time and personalized animated move with the wearer.

Said Tetsuro Ouidah Tetsuro Ueda, an official at the Nissan Research Center: we want to satisfy the emotional needs for people, we want to focus on the riding experience of all passengers, including the driver, because when it comes to the phase of autonomous driving, the driver control becomes less, the interaction with the passengers those around getting.


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