India direct blow to the Apple TV via the threat of banning the iPhone

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الهند توجه ضربة لآبل عبر التهديد بحظر هواتف آيفون

The Indian government granted the company Apple and its partners from the corporate provider for mobile services deadline expires by January 2019 to comply with new laws to combat spam, otherwise will be banned phones iPhone of the work in cellular networks in the country, where they wait for users of smart phones in the India, who surrounded their unwanted calls and messages, years to allow Apple to developed by the government to combat unwanted messages on the iPhone.

According to a new report that the body need Indian Telecom TRAI had spent years in trying to solve the spam complaints associated with smartphones, prompting it to develop an application called “do not disturb” Do Not Disturb, which is designed to stop spammers.

The company Google has allowed to provide the application of DND within the store of the Android system named Google Play Google Play starting from 2016, but Apple refused to allow the inquiry to be within the App Store iOS named App Store the App Store due to privacy, where that application requires access to call logs and messages Private to the user.

And body need Indian Telecom TRAI from all Indian telecom companies such as Airtel and Vodafone and Jio let all smartphone users in the country to install the latest version of the application to the DND on their devices running Android or iOS, and a new list was published yesterday as the date for implementation of six months, i.e., on Saturday 19 January 2019, and the authority of the telecom companies to deactivate devices non-conformity of their networks at that stage.

Include the Commission in the new regulation: “ensures every service provider, within six months, to support all smart phone devices registered on its network permissions required to run the application as provided in the rules and regulations, and if you allow these devices to install this application in the prescribed manner, for the service provider to cancel these devices of the communication networks of their own”.

I tried Apple over the past year to solve this case, despite the fact that she wasn’t ready to accept the demands of the Indian government, as agreed in the month of October on cooperation with the TRAI in the construction of the application of DND, but refrained from viewing call logs and messages, in the case of continued Apple in the prevention of the inclusion of the application of DND 2.0 developer by the telecom regulatory authority of India TRAI within the Store app store, that means you lose all the phones for iPhone in India access to the networks of third generation networks and fourth generation and even the telecom network infrastructure.

Presumably related to the Apple TV quickly with the Indian authorities by allowing the application of the nomination messages unwanted contacts, in order to avoid the ban and to emphasize her remarks, The General repeated that it adheres to the laws of every country engaged in a business activity, it may also this step helps in increasing the business of the company, where it was reported that Apple has faced stagnation over the past year in relation to the sales of its devices in India, in spite of its efforts to build local sources and reduce the price of iPhone in India.

It should be noted aggravates the problem of unwanted calls and messages in India, where the customer gets the Indians on the daily rate ranges between five and ten unwanted calls and lots of messages, in addition to the proliferation of misleading messages that are being traded via the service of instant messaging WhatsApp, which led to the occurrence of crimes, the execution of people innocent, prompting the company to Feature Selection to reduce the number of messages Redistributable, in addition to its funding for research about the spread of misleading information and run advertising campaigns for public safety and to establish workshops for literacy in the news.

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