India Import Prohibition of equipment of Huawei in 5G networks

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الهند تستبعد حظر معدات هواوي ضمن شبكات 5G

Modified India expressed the view that were released recently in respect of the blocked Huawei from work on the construction of the fifth-generation networks despite the support of successive United States to the province of Huawei’s products following the recent concerns raised in relation to cybersecurity, where recently released several statements, the site looks different context, officials of the Indian government that he should not be pointing fingers to one company in security-related cases, particularly that suitable for my Huawei import many of the core components of their devices from China.

Said one of the senior government officials: “why should we ban while resources some providers of communications equipment their products from China,” he added that India has recently developed standards of security tests, submit all communications equipment whether it is homemade or imported for accurate testing.

Jay said Qi, CEO of Huawei India said that his company is ready to provide the code source for all equipment for opportunities to reduce security concerns, he added that Huawei cooperates seriously with the government of India and the operators of communication networks are open and transparent, and they are ready to reveal the underlying code necessary for the conduct of any examination and test in order to calm security concerns.

The official explained in the company: “come in United Kingdom with the government to create the tests, and audits managed by an independent third party, we have put the code to the original core of the Centre to conduct the examination and full test in the hands of teachers. In 2010, the common security concerns in India, and US in front of the government of India to provide basic code of our company. We were the first company to do so. We are ready to do this now”.

He stated the operators of mobile networks in Britain and that recent reports of the special telecom sector, stating that the termination of their contracts with Huawei will delay the launch of the fifth-generation networks in Britain from nine months to a year, so they are trying to not to terminate despite the pressures facing them, it is reported that many telecommunications operators are using wireless networks of the Chinese company, in spite of the commitment of all actors of the British strategy of several suppliers.

Has confirmed that O2, the operator of the mobile network in Britain, it will continue the installation of the networks of the fifth generation of Huawei in Britain within 200 demo site in London, it will move forward in its cooperation with the Chinese company, despite recent security concerns, is scheduled to choose O2 the new generation of internet devices mobile in 200 site networks phone Channel scattered around London.

Agreed its competitors EE and Vodafone already conducting experiments using equipment to the Chinese company, confirmed the company O2 to launch next-generation network, scheduled to be held in January, will use equipment from Huawei in more than 200 locations throughout London, stated The Spokesman of the O2 that the experiments will include the replacement of Nokia devices with the Chinese company, said: “We are conducting experiments on the devices Huawei Wireless before being distributed to some special locations with a mobile phone in London, and we follow this procedure with all suppliers to achieve exemplary performance for our customers”.

Entered Huawei in partnership with the company Altis Portugal, the telecom operator leader in the market, committed to the development of services networks of the fifth generation, installed in Portugal, the CEO said Altis Portugal Alexandre Fonseca: “it was nice to enter into a partnership with Huawei to drive the development of services networks of the fifth generation in Portugal. It was Huawei remains a reliable partner has the Altis over the years, and we look forward to exploring this revolutionary new technology together for the benefit of users from individuals and institutions, in addition to providing a convenient way to promote models and new business”.

Announced that Vodafone Italy and Huawei recently announced the completion of a technology aimed at improving spectrum high frequency in the context of the experiences of the two companies for networks of the fifth generation in Milan before the development of standards, and revealed the two companies recently announced the arrival of their to download speeds of up to 2.7 gigabit-latency a little more than milliseconds in the first direct connection to the data networks of the fifth generation cutting-edge in Italy.

Provided the Ministry of economic development and Italian translations of Vodafone, so that I don’t experience a fifth-generation networks in the Milan before the adoption of the standards, has been building a network of sophisticated tests for this purpose, he was the CEO of Orange, Stéphane Richard is very clear in his comments on the position of Huawei in the face of the current situation, where he said: “Huawei is the best technology in the world, it has stronger possibilities and means in the field of research and development in the industry. Therefore, the quality of its products is clear and no dust on it”.

Recall that during the last meeting of Huawei with the elite of the media, said Ken Hu, deputy chairman of the board of management of the company alternately that Huawei succeeded in signing 25 commercial contracts for the fifth becoming the first in the world among providers of communications equipment and Information Technology in this area, the actual charge 10 thousand station connections to major private wholesale crude to global markets.

He added that many of the clients networks in the world prefer to use the equipment and the company that issued the communications sector, and will continue to believe for the year or year and a half the next, given the speed, quality and low cost enjoyed by Huawei devices and networks of the fifth generation of communications.

Keane said about the doubts of security that have been raised recently: “I think that some of the security concerns of the technique of the fifth generation project, but can be discussed and clarified through open collaboration and constructive dialogue between operators and governments. But I can say and affirm that, even to this day during the 30 year career of the company in different world markets, did not record any specific offence. “

The gate Arab News Technical India Import Prohibition of equipment of Huawei in 5G networks

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