India is looking to ban the digital currency is fully

India I have doubts about everything and stop using a weapon ban, a while ago banned the application of Tik Tok, and now the embargo was lifted up, and the latest developments are the initiatives by the government to ban the digital currency.

Now the U.S. government negotiations on the level of several ministries on the draft law prohibits under the digital currency. Was supported by several ministries of the Act which includes the Prevention of the sale and purchase of the issuance of all types of digital currencies.

The government is taking the pretext that the digital currency can be used in money laundering, so will the law based on the law against money laundering.

The Ministry of trade that many of the companies that trade the Digital was saying that the lure of a greater return, while most of them work for the intrepid ponzi scam famous trading on gullible investors, she said.

Last February, the police arrested Indian person needs it to 12 someone else to collect them the amount of $ 250 thousand about trading and investing in the digital currency. The fraudster then may display on the deceived to fund the work of his new digital called KBC coin.

In the case of government approval of the new law, it most likely will be issued by the new government that will be elected in the coming months.

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