India match WhatsApp to the possibility of tracking the source of any message

Requested the government of India from WhatsApp to place a “digital fingerprint” for each message sent via their application allows knowing the sender and without the need to read the content of the messages and affect encrypted.

What you ask India’s kind of weird, they don’t want to look at the content of messages, but to track the sender and the primary message, and so you want India to WhatsApp to be able to know the source of each message and the number of people who read and sent to others without the need to reveal the content of the message itself.

See India the topic from the standpoint of security as well as news, false rumors and hate speech, where there are 350 million active users of WhatsApp in India and is the country’s most prevalent among the users of WhatsApp, so when you encounter a problem with a message, they want to go WhatsApp and watching the sender.

Responded to WhatsApp with the problems of the Indian previously provided the feature to limit the number that can redirect any message, as the use of machine learning in the identification of behavior is the natural human in the transmission.

It is worth noting that India had asked previously WhatsApp find a solution to track the origin of messages, only that the chat service refused to meet the demand.

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