India prohibits the Uber has to deliver transportation services via electric cars only

الهند قد تُجير أوبر قد على تقديم خدمات النقل عبر السيارات الكهربائية فقط

At the same time seeking company Uber to expand the circle of its investment in the field of electric vehicles in order to meet the labour standards in different markets such as China and India where left to each country plans to reduce the emissions emanating from the engine to the transition of the dependence on clean energy, it seems that Uber is going to face a new draft resolution of the government of India requirement that the adoption of the company’s transportation services to transport electric power over the next few years.

According to the plan of the proposed project depends on the company, transport services, participatory and recommend means to transfer depends on the electric power by 40% of the total transport fleet of any of them, as was the development of a timetable to reach that outcome by the year 2026, which means that Uber and other companies will face a big challenge in order to reach that result.

In compliance with the new law depends on the AWeber start to adopt the plan of the transport system by next year to be able to access the proportion of 2.5% of the total women in 2021 and 5% in the following year and so through the approach to raise each year to recognize on electric cars was with the calendar app time to plan.

Where India attaches great attention to the pollution being one of the biggest problems of the environment that are plaguing the country is densely populated and by this step to reduce pollution and encourage the acquisition of electric vehicles where it may drink the new resolution eliminates limit the car market that electric powered by the year 2026.

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