India till 2022 is going on their own to send a man into space

Prime Minister Narendra modi in an address to the nation said that the country is going to send a man into space till 2022. This is stated in the local media. The Indian space research organization (ISRO) said that the mission will not only their project, but also the entire country.

Before sending a man into space the Indian space Agency is going to carry out two unmanned test launch. After that ISRO is going to send into low earth orbit crew of three. According to preliminary estimates the mission will take 5-7 days. It is planned to start using heavy rocket Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III (GSLV Mk III).

“India has always been advanced in the field of space science. I’m happy to announce that in 2022, when it will be 75 years since India’s independence, we plan to launch a manned space mission. We’ll send an Indian into space in 2022 or even earlier. Son or daughter of India will go into space with the flag in hands”, — quotes the media the words of the Prime Minister, appealed to fellow citizens on the occasion of the independence Day celebration.

Modi praised the work of Indian scientists and engineers working on new technologies for space exploration.

“Our scientists make us proud. They’ve already launched into space more than 100 satellites… and successfully implemented the Mars mission,” he said.

Website Indian news Agency NDTV reports that in 2014, the Indian space Agency has successfully tested a prototype of a manned module-CARE (Crew Module Atmospheric Re-entry Experiment). The launch was carried out with the help of the carrier rocket GSLV Mk III. In July this year, ISRO has successfully tested the system of emergency interruption of start-up, allowing to save the crew in case of emergency at the start. The news Agency also adds that today ISRO is engaged in development of new space equipment and space suits and food for its astronauts.

At the moment, one of the highest priority space missions for India is the project “Chandrayaan-2” — sending automatic interplanetary stations to the moon. The mission will be a continuation of the Indian program for the development of the moon, which began with the launch of the spacecraft “Chandrayaan-1” in 2008. In the mission “Chandrayaan-2” to explore the moon from orbit is planned. In addition, the mission planned landing a small lunar Rover to collect and analyze lunar soil samples. According to the latest information, mission “Chandrayaan-2” postponed to 2019.

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