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إنفور: 3 استثمارات تقنية ذكية لتحسين‏‏ رضا العملاء

Brought today Infor Infor, the leading company in the development of business software cloud to companies large, medium and small around the world, the light on the range of investment smart technology that allows retailers to progress a step ahead of consumers, and that they are racing to make smart investments affect positively on customer satisfaction, where the biggest force, however, the customer in the shadow of the great transformation witnessed by the retail sector, depending on to to smart phones and digital devices they have to play like a point-of-sale access to world markets and the implementation of the procurement process.

The bat can consumers access to a range of unlimited products, and prices more transparently, and look at the inventory and availability of products, as well as read the reviews that are placed by consumers and others about the quality of the products and the effectiveness of customer service by clicking on a button on their device.

This provides the boom in e-commerce today’s consumers a huge amount of options that are no longer constrained never to their location and geographical, which led to the intensification of competition in the largest across all business sectors.

Said Jonathan Wood, Jonathan Wood, area general manager, India, Middle East and Africa have ever: “with the transition of power into the hands of consumers, Pat retailers are looking more to keep up with the rapid changes occurring in the technology sector which in turn impacts directly on their business models and their operations. Therefore, we see a significant increase in investment in commerce platforms, systems prediction through machine learning techniques, and surveillance of the supply chains. These platforms and systems are characterized by being interactive, i.e., it is necessary for retailers to keep abreast of the new business model that is imposed by the consumer on the retail sector”.

Pointed ever that retailers can stay a step for consumers, and that they are racing to make smart investments affect positively on customer satisfaction via the following steps

1. focus first on the advantages of moving towards the cloud

Trying to process the shift towards cloud platforms, modern processes have retailers, by providing them with the data in real-time what helps to improve their abilities in making important decisions, and retention of information within the cloud will avoid companies wasting more time and resources in maintaining the business systems of the old and outdated.

The establishment of the base of the full and effective allowing a greater ability to exchange reports and analyze processes to take advantage of the data within the network, whether this data belongs to the company’s supply chain or the customer or social media, and you can also access all the saved data in the cloud from anywhere, and thus will be able to retailers to get a holistic view of operations and ensure business processes common to all departments of the company through the adoption of the same data in common.

2-techniques of artificial intelligence is here to stay

Can be retailers who invest in cloud platforms to modern technologies, the SMART Center further contact enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence techniques, where these techniques allow companies to extract valuable information and effective use of data is not met, in addition to the ability of these smart technologies to automate many of the business processes routine that can be related to human error during implementation.

It can be through artificial intelligence techniques to deal with many business processes such as determining the size of the inventory, which allows retailers to avoid ordering more products in larger quantities than they need, in addition to help them keep track of all products or substances found in the stores very carefully.

And artificial intelligence techniques to decision-making processes through the integration of all available information that is created and share them and collect them, allowing in the end the application of significant improvements at the local level, so that the amounts are determined appropriate storage in distribution sites, enhance the ability to meet delivery times difficult. It is clear that the retail sector is heading today towards the utilization of artificial intelligence techniques in a broader sense.

3. you should employ technology to enhance human potential

Has the role of artificial intelligence techniques to unleash human energies a great opportunity can be exploited by retailers, as it has become quite clear that developments in technology affect the business models widely, and can provide the artificial intelligence to reduce the rate of errors and help to implement transactions successfully, easily and effectively, bringing these technologies help in reducing the need to do regular chores that are usually associated with post simple performed by new employees, so that they can devote more time to these employees to focus on tasks of greater value aim to improve customer engagement.

Staff can for example focus on providing a better customer experience and provide the best service to ensure their recommendations and customized solutions, through automation of other functions and make the mechanism such as to determine the amount of Inventory, Operations, Order products normal, helps enhance the level of personal interaction in this way in increasing the satisfaction of customers and employees alike, which will further long-term sales.

The gate Arab News Technical info: 3 Investment smart technology to improve customer satisfaction

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