Infographic highlights the key specifications of the phone RED Hydrogen One

RED Hydrogen One

Some of you might be familiar with that company RED niche in the camera industry professional working on a smartphone called the RED Hydrogen One. He confirmed the company having this phone for the first time in 2017, and while it was supposed to be the launch of this phone earlier this year, there is not yet shipping pre-orders. This will change this week as the police will eventually charge the pre-orders on this device. On this occasion, the company RED published infographic on the internet known to us are the key features of the phone RED Hydrogen One.

Never before that is listed the specifications of this machine in such detail, so this will be the info graphics certainly appreciated by those who were waiting for the shipment of this device. Confirmed RED in the last month that it would postpone the release of the version made of titanium of this device due to the production process is elaborate. Thus, you will be given customers version made of aluminum for free while you wait for them to copy the titanium.

One of the possible things in the phone the RED Hydrogen One is its screen is three-dimensional with a size of 5.7-inch and accuracy of +QuadHD display. Can this phone film and view Stills and videos H4V three-dimensional. The phone comes RED Hydrogen One as well with the technology support surround sound spatial.

On the other hand, the phone is RED Hydrogen One new camera, dual front 8.3 MP, the cameras background accurately 12.3 megapixels. Moreover, they have been providing this phone also memory random size 6GB memory internal size of 128GB, as well as a battery with a capacity of 4500mAh. As has been already mentioned, it will be include all this technology in a structure made of aluminum and carbon fiber.


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