Infographic| this is the most used robots in the industry.. Arab = zero!

In 2015, the global average for the number of industrial robots in front of each 10 thousand employees of the human is 66 robot, and in 2016 increased to 74 robot, but does not change almost in the list of states that use industrial robots, the still existing lack of any Arab or Middle Eastern.

Reveals info graphics, published on the website statista, the presence of South Korea at the top of the list of the countries industrial robots number 631 robot in front of each 10 of thousands of staff, Human, followed by Singapore (488), then Germany (309), Japan (303), Denmark (211), and the United States of America (189), Italy (185), and Spain (160), Canada (145), France (132), Switzerland (128), Australia (83), Britain (71), then China (68)And finally India (3).

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