Information millions of the famous estate was left without encryption

Again, data users services of buy Facebook were left without encryption. In a new report, it turns out that a huge database containing contact information for millions of celebrity influencers instead left exposed without a password or encryption, what allows anyone to access it..

At the time of writing this news, the database contains more than 49 million records, but it grows every hour, and are hosted within a service Amazon Cloud Amazon Web Services, which follow the company’s social media marketing Chtrbox based in Mumbai, which paid to open for people on their accounts.

This database includes the public statements on the accounts of the estate of the famous, including profile pictures, number of followers, the city and the country, and the number of hits and likes for each account, this data is used as a measure to determine the amount that you can pay the company to someone who is famous or influential on the estate to publish the declaration.

Media tried to contact the marketing company for comment on this recording, while it is not the experiments. The company said Facebook, which owns the estate, they consider this issue.

Source: Anurag Sen

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