Information on new products from HUAWEI unveiled the day before prezentacii

It seems that the HUAWEI has less surprises for my presentation tomorrow. Yesterday in the network leaked a few real photos and renderings depicting all the new smartphones, and now the Chinese social network Weibo started out as yesterday’s photo, and images of other novelties. Also started to receive disturbing rumors concerning the European release of the line HUAWEI Mate 30. In short, it may not take place. The website Lets Go Digital, citing its own sources reported that HUAWEI will not be able to produce new products in Europe because of problems related to sanctions American chamber of Commerce and the U.S. government.

Huawei Mate Pro in 30 drops of water

As a result of pressure on the manufacturer’s smartphones had to release without the services of Google, they will still be running the operating system Android. To sell in Europe smartphones without the usual people services quite risky. It is likely that buying them just will not. It is hoped that the informants, when speaking about Europe, I mean Russia. Is this true, and will there be new items we have — we’ll know tomorrow.

But in China, where Google services are banned because of the peculiarities of local legislation, the smartphones will be preloaded with Chinese equivalents of YouTube, Gmail and other applications.

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According to information published on Android Headlines, watch HUAWEI Watch GT 2 will appear in four different colors and will be released in the housings 42 and 46 mm and AMOLED screens 1.2 and 1.39 inches, respectively. Looks like a more compact version would be issued without a microphone and will not receive support LTE.

The design and colors Huawei Watch GT 2

Insiders said that the event will also bring an updated version of smart hours Band 3 Pro and GT, presented last year. Information was received about a possible demonstration of a new TV, but details about it are, unfortunately, not reported. It will probably have a retractable webcam and a new audio system, but this is not accurate.

A new TV from HUAWEI with a retractable camera.

Sources say that the company will exhibit at the event its new tablets. In June, HUAWEI introduced the tablet MediaPad M6, which was released very limited edition. It is very likely that HUAWEI decided to release the device to other markets.

Most likely, tomorrow we will see at the presentation.

Informants believe that HUAWEI will bring a new fitness tracker. Looks like he’ll get the SpO2 sensor for non-invasive measurement of oxygen levels in the blood and heart rate sensor. Also any pictures of the visible USB connector designed to charge the device, which, apparently, used to attach the strap. However, this is not accurate. Is it possible to change the straps over time, not reported.

New Huawei fitness tracker 2019. Bottom view.

Do not forget that before the exhibitions, presentations and announcements are always a lot of contradictory rumors, but not all of them are true. Therefore, until the announcement is not recommend you take this information too seriously.

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