Information the initial point for coming oneplus 6T three cameras

It’s time again to talk about a new oneplus company or for a phone OnePlus 6T specifically, which should be disclosed in the coming weeks.

Information currently use on phone oppo latest Oppo R17 Pro the reason is the widespread belief that the 6T would be the replica of this phone especially in terms of design, with updates confirmed on the gear.

If you make it, it means that oneplus 6T will be 4 major changes, the first of which is the new format let’s the screen that will come The size of 6.4 inch, the second is the cameras tripartite from the back.

The second change is the presence of a fingerprint inside the screen or strike the fourth and last, they feature very fast shipping, which can carry the name of the Warp Charge will be able to charge 40% of the battery capacity during 10 minutes.


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