Infosysta is unveiling its participation at GITEX Technology Week 2018 Dubai

In line with its strategic vision to strengthen its presence in the markets of the Middle East region, announced the “invoice” Infosysta today announced its participation II in the events of GITEX Technology Week in its 38th meeting held from 14-18 October at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

And Infosysta is a leading company in the field of software development, solutions and applications intelligent management, which is also a strategic partner of Atlassian universal in the region; come watch them with a view to detection of candy bouquet and modern applications offered by the company in the region to contribute actively in the defense cutter digital transformation in government institutions and the private sector, particular that by Atlassian may have contributed to the support of more than 80 thousand clients all over the world during the past years, according to the report of the Gartner magic quadrant issued by Gartner Research International.

According to a press release, the company seeks Infosysta is also through her outstanding participation in the exhibition to communicate effectively with their customers in GCC and Egypt, highlighting the contributing constructive solutions to the company, Atlassian the world in the available strategies for these companies and institutions success story unique contributed to establish the concept of digital transformation of the institutional package of the competitive advantages of speed, flexibility, quality and efficiency.

The/ butterfly Stone the head of Infosysta about the company’s participation in Technology Week said: “We are proud of this participation especially in the presence of our strategic partner company Atlassian,” he adds, “This distinguished audience reflects our full faith in the importance of staying connected to monitor the requirements and needs of new and existing customers achieve the digital transformation in line with global variables of the ripple, as it planned the unveiling of the most prominent features of the future to achieve growth rates of up to $ 20 million by the year 2020 “.

Confirms Mr. Stone:” I played the bouquet of our services to the unique expertise of our technical excellence over the past years a major role in strengthening our role in the defense cutter development for governments and institutions of the Arab and increasing the size of our business in the future plan for the next year and 2019, particularly in the GCC markets and the Middle East in general. We believe in the absolute by Jira being a racehorse winning all institutions and bodies that require systems and intelligent management, and flexibility, quality and efficiency at work”.

Recall that the company Infosysta was founded in 2012, has achieved during the past few years, the growth rates are increasing until 300%; they currently operate in 5 countries are the United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, England, the headquarters is located in Dubai. The bouquet clients Infosysta elite group of companies and government bodies such as Dubai Smart Government and Dubai Group Emirates Post and Saudi Telecom STC and MBC Group and orange, as well as includes many banks and banking institutions, universities, and others.

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