Innosilicon has teamed up with Samsung and created the T2-Turbo. The profitability of “best Bitcoin miner in the world”

A week and a half ago Innosilicon showed A10 ETHMaster. The ASIC is designed for Ethereum and will bring about $ 16 per day in top configuration. The payback period is slightly more than 10 months. Today the company announced a new model. This time the miner supports SHA-256 and digs Bitcoin. Deal with him more.

Features Innosilicon T2-Turbo

The model has become a popular upgrade miner Terminator 2. Its key features, Hasrat 17.2 TH/s and the consumption level is 1430 watts.

This time the company came to develop serious Innosilicon has teamed up with Samsung to use energy-efficient FinFET technology. As a result, the consumption decreased significantly. According to the manufacturer, the results of T2-Turbo ahead of the nearest competitors by 30 percent. Sounds interesting.

Hasrat Innosilicon, T2-Turbo is 24 TH/s, and the consumption reaches 75W/TH. The final figure is 1800 watts. The user calls the new best Bitcoin miner in the world.

The Profitability Of Innosilicon T2-Turbo

Traditionally we go to WhatToMine. Choosing the right algorithm and set of Hasrat with consumption.

Consider income. Get the high level of 4.21 dollar a day. If you dig Bitcoin will earn 3.64 USD. In a month the amount is $ 109.

Return ASIC-miner Innosilicon

To calculate the return on investment is impossible, because the price of the miner is still unknown. As soon as it will be called, divide the number by 109 and figure out the number of months payback.

Look at where the Innosilicon T2-Turbo

The company promises to show the demo version on the world show in Japan, China, Russia, USA and Canada. The exact timing yet. Normal pictures of a miner too.


The most important part of this news — cooperation with Innosilicon Samsung. The company has implemented the development of the South Korean giant and got a good reduction of energy consumption. Hopefully soon this practice will be widespread. As a result, we get a reduction in electricity costs and more profitable mining.

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