Innosilicon presented ETHMaster A10 — ASIC for mining Ethereum. Differences from the Antminer E3

Earlier in the week, Bitmain has started to send the first batch of Antminer E3. The model appeared on the videos, as users shared the first reviews. Good comments — the actual Hasrat was 205 MH/s instead of 180. Now E3 has a competitor, and in three versions. Innosilicon has introduced A10 ETHMaster.

Features Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster

A10 ETHMaster — debut ASIC miner from Innosilicon for mining Ethereum. Prior to this, the company presented the device for the algorithm Equihash, that is, zcash for, ZClassic and BTCP. Incidentally, the settings Innosilicon A9 ZMaster for mining are in this article.

A10 ETHMaster available in three versions: 365, 432 and 485 MH/s. Prices in the Chinese currency are translated approximately 3800, 4400 and 5000 dollars respectively. Taxes and shipping will be a little more.

But there is good news. Consumption of novelties little unusual — almost 3 times less than the same farms. Named varieties A10 ETHMaster spend 650, 740 and 850 watts. Cool.

The model looks no better or worse than others. Here is a snapshot.

According to participants of the thread on BitcoinTalk, the basic model A10 ETHMaster offers double Hasrat Antminer E3, doubled the price tag but higher energy efficiency.

The profitability of mining on Innosilicon A10 ETHMaster

Count income from a new device. For this we use the service WhatToMine. Starting with version 365 MH/s.

The input parameters and consider profit.

$ 12 per day and 361 for the month. Go to the model on 432 MH/s.

Again, press the blue button to the calculation.

14 dollars a day, 100 in a week and 429 per month. Now take the top-end configuration.


$ 16 a day, 481 bucks a month and 5860 for the year. The indicators are considered at today’s exchange rate. If the value of ETH will increase, profits will also go up.

Payback A10 ETHMaster from Innosilicon

The cost is known, orijentirana profit too. From this we get the payback period which does not exceed 11 months. To be precise, is 10.5, 10.2 and 10.3 months respectively.

Comparison with graphics cards

Corny compare consumption for the same Hasrat. In the case of A10 ETHMaster 485 MH/s will spend 850 watts. For the GPU the correct number will provide 16 cards or 2 Riga. The latter will spend 1600 watts. In the world could save money.

According to the readers of the forum, the new product from Innosilicon provides 0,57 KH/s per watt and 10.3 USD per 1 MH/s. It is slightly more expensive graphics cards, Megaherz which today on the average cost of 500 rubles.

ASIC miner for Ethereum from Innosilicon. The pros and cons

Profitability, ROI and other financial indicators comparable to conventional farms on the cards. But there is a significant plus over low heat. This allows the owners to lower cooling costs. Also, don’t forget about saving kilowatts.

There are also disadvantages. ASIC-miner — special device. A10 ETHMaster will not be able pamineti Monero, when its rate will grow. Model from Innosilicon are designed only for Ethereum, so if anything will have to endure.

The questions raised and the prospects of the fork. In theory, the idea of mining on Azekah may be covered in a moment. With GPU will not be such problems. And if it is, then the graphics card will sell to gamers. The latter is clearly more than the miners, we already know.

Where mine Ethereum

ASIC miners or GPU-Riga — unprincipled. Mine air and other coins we recommend for pool 2Miners. We have a cool design, regular payments and more than 7000 people online. There are SOLO and PPLNS. Here is a screenshot of the Ethereum-pool.

The settings for the Antminer Z9 and Z9 mini search for in this article. Still have questions? Will reply in a cozy cryptodata.

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