Innovation: Australian mining farm will run on solar energy

Iceland is one of the most attractive countries in the world for miners thanks to renewable energy. However, now the government is thinking about limiting the number of miners. The reason was concerns about a possible lack of electricity for lighting houses and streets. But the miners think that there is an alternative in Australia, will open the first farm for the production of coins which will work on solar energy. This writes

Australia — new territory for mining

The farm opens company Hadouken Pty Ltd, which received approval for production of energy and cryptocurrencies from the Commission on the assessment of South Australia (SDAP). The object is to build up to the end of the year, it will be located in a rural area 200 kilometers from the regional capital of Petra.

Mining farm is 8 hectares. They are ten containers with solar panels, which will provide the station with energy. The farm will operate only three employees, the newspaper notes.

According to the head of Hadouken Pty Ltd Ben Tana, the station will produce bitcoin and “other cryptocurrencies”. Local authorities believe that the company will increase the number of renewable energy sources in the region, where most of the electricity is produced at two coal-fired power stations.

A large part of Australia is desert. If mining farm will be profitable, her experience will serve as an incentive for other miners to move production to the country.

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