Innovation for charging electronic devices and phones via Wi-Fi

Managed a group of scientists to devise converts the WiFi signals WiFi into electricity to run electronic devices without the need for a battery, via a small two-dimensional is run only by Wi-Fi, which pass around it, thanks to the semiconductor cutting-edge, the turn signals into direct current electricity.

According to team scientists to the newspaper “Daily Mail”, the antennas are known as “rectennas” works to convert the current of the alternating (AC) into direct current electricity.
The antennas collect the new “rectennas” wave of the AC electromagnetic, including that download wave Wi-Fi wireless, and to energy a wireless.

The group emphasized that the new technology could produce about 40 microwave energy depending on the energy source of the wi-fi (about 150 meat), this energy region is sufficient to illuminate the phone screen, in addition to running wearable medical devices.

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