Innovations iOS 13, you could miss

On 19 September came the public release of iOS 13, what as always, said one of the first. Many users, looking at the dark theme and old phone, started to blame Tim cook and company to disregard mobile operating system. They say, guys do not pay proper attention to detail, for which we love Apple products. About small but important innovations in iOS that could remain in the shadows, will be discussed in this article.

Craig Federighi on iOS presentation 13

The contents

How to change the settings of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 13

It is about the dream of all iPhone owners, but not told my friends with Android. The Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth device you can select directly from the “control Point”. Open the configure network connectivity in the blind “control”, then hold the button in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and select the desired item. Now you can hide app “Settings” on the far screen, and in its place put, for example Telegram, to read the Telegram-channel Appleinsider.EN

The choice of Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices

What’s new in the Photos app in iOS 13

The Photos app has received a major upgrade, all the details we will describe later. I would like to draw attention to one detail, which increased the pleasure of scrolling through old photos. Now when you leaf through and get to the video, you don’t have to click to see the video start automatically without sound. So, it would seem, a trifle, but it has become very convenient. Write a comment about your feelings.

New volume control in iOS 13

It turned out just beautiful. Not only that, Apple has removed that damn square with the middle of the screen, and, for clarity, divided the volume control of the call and the application. Now you accidentally messed up and will not turn off frantically with a loud ringtone in the inappropriate situation. And, since we’re talking about the little things, the application volume can be infinitely adjusted directly on the screen.

Volume controls in iOS 13

Period in the program “Health” in iOS 13

Guys, scroll further. The girls will also be interesting. The application “Health”, in addition to the global interface updates, got the tracking feature of the monthly cycle. She can predict period and fertility, it has a timeline and journal cycles. About the imminent onset of the fertile time you will receive a timely notification. You can delete Flo, to make room for the new beach photos.

“Share audio” in iOS 13

Here Apple could do better than that. The guys from Cupertino delighted users that have mastered Bluetooth 5.0 at full speed, and now the music can be sent to multiple devices. I’m happily anticipating the beginnings multirom directly in iOS. But no, while supported only Airpods. Even share music with the iPad connected to a normal wired earphone, that never happened. Perhaps in iOS 13.1 will fix it. Wait.

Die “Share audio”

New scroll bar in iOS 13

Small innovation, which will appeal to fans of long texts, or to owners of large collections of photos. Now, if you hold down the scroll bar, you can quickly navigate through large volumes of information as on MacOS. Here is a great work on the detail, well done Apple.

Scroll bar in iOS 13

What’s new in “Screen time” in iOS 13

In iOS 12 the function of “Screen time”. A very useful thing to understand how much time you waste in games and social networks. But the section, for example, “the Social network” got a completely different application. And, having spent an entire day’s limit on Youtube, you could not use the Telegram. Or rather, he could, of course. Turned off the limit, then again included. In the end, this feature annoying, and turn off altogether. iOS 13 is fixed. Now the “Screen time” has to be defined separately for each application.

New sub-divisions in the limits screen time

What’s new in the “battery Status” iOS 13

If the application “Settings” go to items “Battery” — “battery Status”, you can see the new checkbox is activated by default. Called “Optimized charging”. Apple claims that this feature adjusts the charge cycles under your habits to connect your phone to a power outlet. Thus, you’re going to get the iPhone ready for several hours of Autonomous life. Moreover, it is claimed that this reduces the wear of the battery. Well, check this out.

The check box “Optimized charging” to “battery Status”

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Internet economy in iOS 13

If you have a home still limit Internet or you connect to the network in the country using the 4G modem, then Apple took care of you. Looking for a new option in “Settings” — “Wi-Fi” — is Your network. How it will be effective in your case, please write in the comments.

A new option in network settings

This, of course, not all that the guys from Cupertino have brought to iOS. But such things give us hope that the developers will continue to delight us with their mobile operating system. What do you expect from the next versions of iOS?

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