Innovative solutions of LG help in the construction of the city of Newman future

Saudi Arabia announced recently a project to establish the city of Newman for the future, which extends to Egypt and Jordan, which puts the LG LG as a global leader in everything regarding the future and technology, challenges and significant changes could not be contained in the future of possibilities and modern technologies.

And the cities of the future-efficiency in consumption as the only solution to comprehensive the dramatic rise and sudden in the population and face the gas emissions of houses by creating a vibrant eco-friendly smarter, where can for the future sustainable to reduce our impact on the environment and stop the effects of climate change, in order to be this new city successful, you must combine the techniques, better insights and the latest planners of civilians, and here’s how to fit a range of advanced solutions from LG with the cities of the future.

Come LG LG always access prior to the occurrence of problems and crises, where the government is currently working to use new sources of energy mainly solar energy, which topped the LG through its list of innovations and techniques globally across panels LG award-winning as “NeON 2”, which is a vivid example about the solar solutions of the future performance and reliability of high-tech developer and hardness that are characterized by these panels, in addition to its ability to adapt where possible to use in several different locations, as well as the solar road and buildings constructed using panels of elastic presentation in advance interesting of these ideas.

The city of tomorrow will be determined by their progress in the areas of smart technology and green solutions, which are efficient in energy consumption, where the standardization of energy management systems (EMS) among the energy efficiency features are the best to smart solutions for optimal performance and innovation advantages are countless for the user, is expected to reach a market value of 70 billion USD by the year 2022, meaning an impressive growth of 12 percent, has scooped up solutions of energy management systems from LG numerous awards at the awards “Red Dot Awards” (awards and global product design) Awards “IDEA Awards” (awards for excellence in the field of Interior Design).

We can now say that there is no house in Egypt but the screen of the television, and know everything from the news, right down to the ads and being an element prevalent in the media fantasy of realism, in addition to the various forms of welfare, the collective sought which will be present also in the cities of the future, and it was LG only to continue this development and meet the needs of all users of its products around the world by offering a range of OLED displays across the perfect package to the planners of the cities of the future volunteers to the revival of public corporations and interactive. In addition to these screens of images with superior accuracy was not the most prominent role in the industry famous brand OLED, which features those screens flexibility and its binary, which means the loss of less in the space, the greater the effect, as can the manufacture of these screens harmonization depending on the demand at any location, has been fitted currently in Incheon International Airport in South Korea. It also showed the success screen “OLED Canyon” at the Consumer Electronics Show” CES 2018″ the effectiveness of these screens draw attention and create an immersive atmosphere.

Will Robotics an enormous impact on life in the years ahead, and LG is at the forefront of the robot revolution, is proud to provide a unique set of solutions to daily life and concepts of the future. Showed the robot the leading Airport currently used at the airport in Incheon practical advantages for robots in public places, and the susceptibility of the product to move through the concepts have raised attention in other areas. As I opened the LG breaks new ground in the industry of Android designed for residential spaces, with the interface of the smart home “CLOi”, and even robotic vacuum cleaners.

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