Insert begins to experience the advantage of messaging directly via the browser application

Published Jane Manchun Wong tweet recently confirming that the feature of direct messaging is her experience now in the application of insert on the browser in version your computers.

Instagram is testing direct messages for the web

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Spotted the new leaks published via the researcher Wong on Twitter, confirming that the messaging feature offering of the insert relative to the browser application, also published a screenshot revealing the new feature that is try it already now.

Comes apply the insert on the browser at the time of the current experience is limited to users does not provide a seamless experience to see a quick page through the browser, with new features, often in version Mobile, also never hit the push notifications for the insert on the browser until the month of September last year, so the updates apply browser slow.

On the other hand, lacks the application of insert on the browser for the participation of new stories that exist in the mobile applications only in the current time, where the assured app developers that the company does not plan at present to add the feature to share photos and stories of the new in the browser application.

And add the advantage of direct messaging in the application of insert on the browser one of the important steps to develop the application, where restricted this feature since a long time on mobile apps only, also comes this update in the framework of the plans of Facebook to develop inter and communication apps other social media to increase user base.


I know of

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