Insiders revealed the camera features Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix

On Tuesday, representatives of Xiaomi published a teaser. It told about the announcement of Xiaomi Mi 2s Mix, which will be held in Shanghai on March 27. Along with this forced users to think about the function slow motion due to flapping of the hands in the image. Now doubt in characteristics of no — detail camera operation leaked to insiders.

Details published on the XDA Developers forum, reports GizmoChina. Data were taken from the APK file of the app with MIUI Camera.

The smartphone will receive the support of portrait mode shooting and MFNR technology. Multicurve noise reduction allows camera to quickly create multiple shots and superimpose them on each other for noise reduction.

Mix Mi 2s will also support slow motion. Full HD quality will be available in 120 frames per second, and the usual 720p at 240 fps. Up to 960 frames Galaxy S9 flagship Xiaomi will be far away.

To discuss the details of the leak, in an official telegram channel AndroidInsider.

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