Instagram adds a bit of fun on a vote the story with the feature of Emoji Slider

Options can be accessed Emoji Slider from the Department of the posters, after image capture or video recording,

Training service Instagram, and beyond facebook, the importance of the feature story, so move to promote its all new in order to maintain the lead, and then managed in a short period of time to think on the service snapchat, which is this feature one of the most prominent Reasons for its fame.

It is war that you see Instagram may know, every week for a new feature, after providing some updates that steal and upload photos and videos to the story late last month, here’s today announces a new feature related with the voting.

It is known that the stories of Instagram comes with the option allows adding a vote, but the company seems to want to lend a bit of fun on the voting, as announced today on the feature “voting slider tail emoji” Emoji Slider.

The new feature select the emoji shows up with a slice retractable, as we change the level of sound or lighting on the phones, and then shows the number of people who responded to the vote with the deceased.

Can be reached option Emoji Slider from the Department of the stickers after taking a picture or recording a video, similar to the posters of the other, can add design to any place on the screen with the writing of a question to vote.

Recall that the new feature is part of version 44 of the application Instagram, which can be downloaded from the Play Store, and you can also download it as APK standalone of here.

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