Instagram adds a new feature to facilitate networking with others

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إنستاجرام تضيف ميزة جديدة لتسهيل التواصل مع الآخرين

Announced the the platform to share images Instagram today announced a new feature that is represented by the case of green, which in turn indicates that the user uses the app now, this means that should you in case you are using the app expect to see a green dot next to the picture personal profiles of your friends who use the app at the moment, where you show the green dot in the service of direct Messaging within the app in the friends list when you share problems with someone.

The organization explains via publication by you “you will see the point of having the green only to friends who follow you or people who talked to them through the messaging service Direct, which owns about 375 million users,, so that they help to make user talk more with people in the meantime, you can disable the status information of the settings through the “activity status” from the app settings menu, where it is run by default.

The organization has resorted a long time ago, before the advent of point of need green, to show the activity of someone by showing information such as the last date to use the application or indicate that the user is currently active, where this information appears in gray next to their account information under the section Messaging direct.

This water is the source of great inconvenience for many users, and many social media platforms to make such big changes gradually, which is the same method used by Facebook Inc. with their product, so they make changes to the design of simple lead to a change in user behavior gradually.

Despite the fact that Instagram is working on developing a new feature for time management within the app, according to the statements of the CEO of the company, which said that Instagram is working on features to combat addiction technical ensure that the time spent by the user within the app are positive, but point being the new green is a motive to make people spend longer time in the interaction with others on the app.

And found a recent study that young people who use social media frequently daily are more at risk of injury with participation of hyperkinetic disorder and attention deficit, where the researchers said that the addiction of teenagers to use the internet on their mobile phones and monitor notifications ongoing from sites like Facebook and twitter to enter multiple times during the day makes them diverted from attention to the things that are important to their lives and they lose the ability to control their concentration.

Also choose a company Facebook new feature in the platform photo sharing allows public accounts to remove persons from the list of followers, if they wish to do so, has also been monitoring another feature still in the testing phase, which allows users to interact with the stories of Instagram similar to a completely way of thinking with Facebook.

It should be noted the leadership of the house over the past week in a new update to comment on the Android operating system, which brought with IT support for icons adaptive, which allow the application to adjust the size of the icon according to the device that supports it, apart from that, it was reported that the company is owned by Facebook require to make it easy for users to two years in order to apply for the blue check in their profile, it is expected to facilitate the verification process.

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