Instagram allows to control the powers of access of applications to your account

Also have Facebook, now you can control all the external applications that allow access to the data your account on Instagram.

Can access water new by heading to Settings – Security – applications and sites and you will see there a list of all external apps and sites that you gave access to your account to stop any one you want.

In addition, now when you request a site or apps access to your account it will appear a pop-up message asking you to agree to let him or rejection.

You Instagram that these new options in privacy control will arrive gradually to all users and may take up to six months for everyone.

It was supposed to provide Instagram like this feature a long time ago and is something essential in the social networks, especially after the scandals that got like Cambridge sales.

On the other hand, the imposition of the Instagram restrictions on developers in the frontend code where the reduced possibilities for the query to be a maximum of 200 query to the user in the former compared with 5000 query previously, it has also become demanding users to go to the frontend code to the new Instagram Basic Display API.

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