Instagram allows users to now ignore posts from their friends


The network Instagram test a range of new features lately, such as the ability to know the amount of time spent in the app and share publications in the story. There is one feature didn’t appear on the web in recent weeks, which announced Instagram officially today. Announced network Instagram recently that users will be able to ignore their friends.

I’ve described mine has this feature on it’s a new way to in the posts that you see in the app. I will let you new feature to hide posts in your feed from the selected accounts without having to unfollow.

Even if you ignore the account, you will be able to see the posts on the profile page will also get notifications about comments or posts that were put your name on it. Will be the account that has been ignored aware that you have to ignore him, knowing that he will always have the option to cancel the trade.


Can be ignored the account in Instagram by clicking on the list of three points ” … ” in the corner of the publication. Then it will display options to ignore posts, or ignore the posts and stories from one of the accounts. You can do this by pressing and hold on the story in the drawer or from a file definition. Before concluding we would like to point out that Instagram says it will be released this feature for all users in the coming weeks.



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