Instagram announces challenge thirty two new programmes to improve the security of the region

Identify speakers in programs to improve the security of Instagram to get Organization as the parent company of Facebook to provide a safe environment for their applications.

انستجرام تعلن عن تحديثين جديدين لبرامج تحسين الأمانInstagram announces challenge thirty two new programmes to improve safety

The company announced Facebook announced the arrival of the challenge thirty security to apply Instagram to improve the work environment and to maintain the security of users and protect them from penetration.

Aims the first update to Instagram to strengthening the reporting of abuses, in the second to promote anti discover errors.

The company said in its statement: “the goal of Facebook to enhance the level of security and improve the protection of its users from their account hacked. The update expands the first scope of application of the “rewards program for reporting misuse of data” to include the platform Instagram, and the second update, says a rewards program discover errors in the service Chick out on Instagram (suspected by invitation only) prior to the deployment of that service outside of the United States of America.”

Was Facebook has launched last April “rewards program for reporting misuse of the data” in order to induce users to report potential violations of the privacy and security of the region, and which will carry any person reporting such violations on bonuses from the company. It has now expanded the update to include Instagram.

The second update is to select the feature to chek out that enable the service to purchase products via the product but it is available to United States only.

The company hopes to provide the possibility to test out some specialists and give them financial rewards for the discovery of any programming errors in it.

Seeking to continue one of the lengths of the rewards programs for the discovery of errors

Is considered the Discover program errors from the Facebook of the lengths of the programs that still exist in the its launch in 2011.

And across the company about this by saying: “come to the company Facebook since the launch of the bonus program discover errors in the year 2011 with the community of specialist security to determine potential gaps in products and services with a view to reform. It is one of the longest programs that still exist in this area, and to date has received thousands of reports of errors from different specialists around the world. Company looks forward for Facebook to open up prospects for other opportunities to benefit from the expertise of specialists who offer Research high-quality to reward program discover errors, and always to invite them to test new features that they offer before release to the public, so if you’re interested specialists in this area don’t miss your chance to submit reports of high quality and impact for the security of the products and services of Facebook.”

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