Instagram check in the back, which removes millions of followers of the accounts


Some of the most popular accounts on Instagram has suddenly millions of followers for no apparent reason. Received the company owned by Facebook now a notice about this topic and she said she realized now in this issue.

Confirmed network Instagram account official on Twitter that they are aware of this problem which cause changes in the numbers of traffickers in some accounts, she is now working continuously to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

This problem has become widely known when you started some users of Instagram who collected a large number of stores to publish their tweets on the Twitter network to complain about the loss of their millions of followers for no apparent reason. According to one report, that might be the result of the actions made, the company recently to remove the millions of accounts that it believes are fake.

However, it remains to be seen whether this is the reason behind this problem or not, especially after the network announced Instagram they are working on resolving this issue. Has the company published a tweet on the Twitter saying she was going to resolve this problem in the near future. The company has not clarified the reason behind the problem or the work done to ensure the recovery users to follow them.

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