Instagram choose a feature to mute the publications and other benefits to

Instagram might be testing a mute button

Instagram might be testing a mute button

Similar to facebook, you think of Instagram’s availability feature to mute the publications so as to prevent the arrival of the user postings for you, but without the need to unfollow him and his girlfriend. That you can continue to use the rest of the services such as story, messages, or even login to his page and check his publications, but it will not appear in the main page.

In general experience technical companies choose to feature and then decide to go ahead and launch them, or stop them and test the feature again, but this time choose Instagram four new features on its platform with.

First choose Instagram feedback feature on the story is similar for the Feedback on the stories Facebook. Note that Instagram has already started providing water a month ago in some states, such as Mexico, but she now appeared in other states.

Secondly also in the story choose Instagram photography slow motion video Slow-Mo via the camera app directly. This feature will help more to spread the style of photography of RSI especially those who do not have water in the camera application main with their smart phones.

Thirdly, there is improvement in the archives of the story in case you wanted to keep cool in your account. Now you know, Instagram archive on the web form of the content, but the new method depends on the width of the calendar and all the stories related to each day, including therefore easier to browse them by date and today the desired.

And finally the fourth as we talked the beginning of a feature to mute personal accounts and unfollowing their publications without the need to cancel up entirely. Provide facebook and twitter this feature is that no specific use to relieve the user from the inconvenience of publications.

This crawl of Instagram to improve the story clearly confirms that the company wants to exploit the indignation of the users of snapchat of its modifications in the design of the app has led a lot of them reluctance about moving to Instagram as an alternative to areas.

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