Instagram choose a new way to allow users to browse the gist of the

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If you ever use the feature story on Instagram, it is likely you know how to browse them. And for people who are doing it, they can click on the left or right side to navigate between the story of the multiple, published by one of the users, or drag to the left or right to move from one user to another. Now it seems that Instagram wants to bring the design style that to the bottom line.

According to the image taken of the company by the user Suprateek Bose, it seems that Instagram choose to bring the same design pattern to abstract the users so that users can click on posts in the same way that browsing the story. Since then, confirmed Instagram that they choose this feature, came a statement from the company read : ” We always choose the ways to improve the experience on Instagram and your people and things you love “.

As explained by the site TechCrunch, it seems that this is another way to ensure the ongoing interaction of users with the app, which is ridiculous given that the company offered tools shelf digital to notify users when they spend a lot of time on the application. With regard to the new perception, it will make users use the app for longer periods than usual.

It was also noted that Instagram already used the advantage of moving auto in the videos so that they are automatically moving on to the next video in the tab Explore at the end of the current video. Anyway, there is currently no information on whether Instagram plans to maintain this feature and issued to all users or not, but what would she do that? Is this something you would be interested to see?



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