Instagram choose a property to create special groups of students

انستقرام تَختبر خاصية إنشاء مجموعات خاصة بالطلاب

Working Instagram on the inclusion of a feature that allows provide its users into categories by creating groups of words, or what they allow their College Communities, the idea is to assemble students with the disposal of the joint or the same college or University, under a society of their own, they can share the story and share the messages, according to CNBC.

This property is considered for current students, i.e., do not include who have graduated from college, and the uniqueness of Instagram owning the joint for an email tutorial, any extension edu, to activate the subscription, and does not depend on the geographical place of the University in it too, but focused mainly on the study information, which is shared by the user generally at the expense of his, or any other accounts linked to, and the quality of the accounts that follow.

This way, it can meet the demands of users across Instagram, the teachers communicate with their colleagues, so by adding the name of the university to which they are attached, in addition to the graduation year to the profile of the group.

These are communities exclusive to students with the joint activity, they have also a weak point of the nearest so-called holes, the fact that they allow reporters to join him, even though they have graduated, i.e., lose an important condition of its fundamentals other considerations.

It was reported Instagram that the property is still under examination, and provide tools for reporting inappropriate use, which allow them to make adjustments and to read reviews, to provide a ratio of greater security for the users to perform better for her.

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