Instagram choose easy way for users to reclaim their accounts hijacked


There is a good reason to choose strong passwords and safe as well as control activation. a two-stage whenever I can.. Sure, it might be more troublesome, but this may be worth it in the future compared to trying to recover your account stolen. Each of us have experience trying to recover a hijacked account, will know what we mean by this.

This is particularly true when it comes to your account on Instagram, we have seen many stories of users faced very great difficulties in trying to recover their account hijacked with the knowledge that there are some users who have failed in this task. However, the good news today is that Instagram listened to user feedback and working to fix it.

It turns out today that Instagram is currently testing a new way and easier for users to restore their accounts hijacked. This includes asking for users to provide evidence that they owned the account by answering some questions, such as the original email address, phone number, and then will receive a symbol composed of 6 numbers with their contact information to confirm their identity. It will also prevent equal from try to verify your account from another device.

Enjoy this way with two, one of which is that it would make the whole process a lot easier. As they will make the process faster and automatic to a certain extent, which means that it won’t be on Instagram count on the security team of its own which may make them more effective.


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