Instagram choose poster contributions in the (story)

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انستجرام تختبر ملصق للتبرعات في (القصص)Instagram choose poster contributions in the (story)

Instagram choose poster contributions in the (story)

Like stickers, filters, and date and weather, music and other stickers that you can put it in (your story) on the photo-sharing application famous (Instagram), you will soon donate to charity non-profit while watching the story of one of the Follow on Instagram.

According to a recent report , has been monitoring the code Report having a poster of contributions in one of the white women, which means it’s been tested on a limited number of users before it is available to everyone.

Poster contributions are not a new idea, it was implemented before on the Facebook and collect nearly a billion dollars of charitable donations.

A week of gifts from the market

In order to be eligible to donate, you must initially have to have a means of support on Instagram, currently, Credit Cards are only available as a means of payment, that is to say, although the purpose is a charitable purpose that is exclusively going to be your credit card data in the grip of the biggest company caused the diversion of user data in 2018 : Facebook.

The last digit of the official has noted that the Stories Instagram uses to read the 350 million users on a daily basis .

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