Instagram choose the feature ” Active At ” for the feature of direct messages


Lately, it turns out that the network Instagram choose a new feature allows users to essentially create stories focus more on the text. However, it seems that this is not the only feature you choose network Instagram currently because it turns out that there is another feature being tested is currently called ” Active At ” in the property direct messages Direct.

What is the role of the feature ” Active At “ is? Well, basically it is similar to the feature ” last seen ” on WhatsApp and ” active ” on Facebook Messenger, the features that tell users about the last time you entered a user on the internet. Given that Instagram is not used exactly to chat, we’re not sure how useful this feature is.


However, it may be useful for users who are trying to communicate with the companies, where they can find out how the activity of this company when it comes to responding to instant messages, which may be an indication of whether they will receive a response on Instagram or not. But as is the case with all the features that are tested, there is no guarantee that this feature will make their way eventually to all users of Instagram, and if it will be achieved already, we don’t know exactly when it will happen.

In the meantime, there are reports about other features will make their way to WhatsApp, such to receive notice of when someone is taking a picture ( Screenshot ) to your.


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