Instagram choose to allow the exchange of direct messages to users via the web

Noted technical expert Jean Wong in a tweet on her personal account on Twitter to make Instagram a test to provide the feature of direct messages (DM) to users across the web, whether on the phone or via the desktop, where the Direct Messages feature implemented in my version iOS and Android from the app without offering it to home users across the web.

Show the screen shot presented by Wong, the appearance of the Messages icon at the top of the interface of the chairperson of the organization in the web version, which in turn will allow the user to send and receive messages including publications and sharing among friends just as it is done via the app at the current time.

Can read this test from another angle on a plan of merger that have already been announced for Facebook last month to develop its three Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram and the empowerment of users of the exchange of correspondence between them without the requirement of application compatibility between the sender and receiver, so that WhatsApp user provides messaging functionality through the web as Instagram there at the moment.

Which may mean taking the company’s decision to proceed with the implementation of the plan of merger that across dosage by the user on the phases of steps of consecutive down there. in order to avoid criticism wide if applied by a single sentence; it previously launched a feature to reply to messages Instagram from the Inbox page Facebook days ago.

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