Instagram choose to hide the number of likes in publications

Leaked earlier looks right, where the Facebook developers conference F8 it will start actually testing the hide number of likes on publications, whether pictures or videos.

The test currently will be limited only to Canada and the emergence of the number of likes on the main page or the account page or personal pages fixed. And Facebook that this test would make the user’s focus was on the content of the publication itself to decide to put on it impressive or not, not the number on the previous two, which makes sense.

And, of course, will remain the owner of the publication only able to see the number of likes on each photo or video as is now the case.

Currently we don’t know if Facebook will continue to test the waters of other states, and perhaps in the end think its officially, this is all linked to the results of the initial testing, if receiving the acceptance of the users, there is no reason why their adoption.

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