Instagram choose ways easier to restore compromised accounts

Announced Instagram they vary a number of changes that may make it easier for users to regain access to compromised accounts, in addition to the security features that may make it difficult to steal the accounts of users of Instagram in the first place, which provide more reassurance to users.

Come to the news after facing a wave of users of Instagram is a problem in return to their account closed, and took refuge of the victims – who have been hacked, in some cases to the hackers of the white hat to help them regain access, after the lack of support for the company’s customers.

A spokesman for Instagram: we know that the experience of losing access to the account is a sad, and we have procedures in place to prevent and account for the penetration, in addition to measures to assist people to recover their account.

He added that the company has learned through society that these actions are not enough, and that people are struggling to regain access to their accounts.

According to Instagram, the first change – which will start product in his choice of the day Monday – easy for users to login and restore account if hacked.

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While users should at the present time either waiting for e-mail or fill out the support form, the new approach uses the app to request different types of information, such as the original email address; or phone number associated with the account or user when subscribing in the Instagram.

And the user gets after it on the code six-digit passcode sent to the contact information you choose.

Inhibit the Instagram hackers from using e-mail, or text characters of phone numbers to seize the account from a different device.

Said the spokesman: when you access your account, we take additional measures to ensure the inability of any consistent use of the symbols sent to the e-mail address, or phone number in order to access the account from a different device.

This ensures that the new method is the possibility to recover the account, even if one of the hackers to change a user name, contact data, providing Instagram to ensure that no possibility of a claim on behalf of the user for a specific time period, after the changes that have occurred on the account, whether it be a breakthrough or change voluntarily.

The spokesman added that the new feature ensures that the user name is safe for a period of time, after any changes in the account, this means that no other person can claim on behalf of a specific user, in the case of the loss of the last access to his account.

Hopes Instagram through the new changes in The allow users to use the account completely from within the app, rather than relying on the security team.

Recall that it is not known yet when will be a way to recovery from within the app widely available, despite the fact that the secure user name available to all Android users at the moment, is being launched for users of iOS iOS.


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