Instagram closes account of the star of Hollywood shows: “a technical glitch”

Surprised by the number of Hollywood celebrities closed their accounts on the social networking site to share photos, “Instagram” Instagram, which made them drown on twiter wondering about the reasons.

After hours of tweets that I wrote Selena Gomez, one of the closed their account, the response of the representatives of the company in a tweet through their account official saying: “We know of the existence of the problem led to change in the calculation of the number of followers, number of accounts, we are working to solve this problem as soon as possible.”
And it wasn’t Selena Gomez’s only one of those stars was shut down their account, and lost Ariana Grande also has millions of followers on her account.
Announced “Instagram” before that intention to the removal of millions of accounts Pseudomonas, which is what is believed to be the main cause for the current imbalance.

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