Instagram developed poster displays the lyrics of the songs in the story

Working Instagram on the development of a new poster a unique function display the lyrics simultaneously with the music video that you post in the story.

About a month ago, published researcher, reverse engineering Jane Manchun Wong via her Twitter account a video showing the mechanism of action of water where the lyrics are displayed with the video that displays them and appropriately display them in the screen where the font size of each word and assembled.

And Instagram has allowed the publication of music and songs in the story since the summer of last year. The user can add an audio clip works in the background with the display of images that wants its user, as he can deduct a certain section limited time.

In last December boosted Instagram more related to music and songs so that allowed users to reply to the questions on each song.

It is unclear after the expected date of its launch, but it seems that this summer will be an appropriate time to integrate it with a broad spectrum of advantages, posters and stories to the public that was willing to not only share what he heard with his friends, but to make it interact with also.

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