Instagram doubled it to serve ads to users

The company asked Facebook from the photo sharing service, and videos owned Instagram to double the number of ads is almost displayed to the users to enhance the revenue, in accordance with the assessment of the site (The Information).

According to the report, it started Instagram in conducting tests which will include material by some users ads consecutive within the story (Stories).

While a spokesman for Facebook: the test aims to provide users a smoother experience, it seems that Facebook has asked Instagram to increase the number of ads on the product significantly at the end of last year.

One of the most controversial of Facebook is to add advertising to Instagram in 2015, the organization generated $ 9 billion of advertising revenue in 2018, according to (eMarketer).

Illustrate the many reports that practices display more ads is already underway, where the region is witnessing a rise recently and in the amount of advertising the opposition.

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A spokesman for Facebook earlier this month: we are always improving the experience of the ads, and issue ads based on how people use instead, and we closely monitor people’s feelings about ads and business activity as a whole.

To help deliver more ads to users, it has moved to Instagram to sections of the ad-free previously, on its platform, such as tab, explore (Explore), where he is serving many users a great deal of time.

Started the Explore tab in the month of June to display ads to all users, includes the achievement of a company (Marketing Land) indicates that there is a declaration of all the four consultations on the product.

Information indicates that Facebook became worried about the rising popularity of Instagram, which is threatening to reverse the popular social network the biggest in the world.

This may lead to the emergence of the big problems for Facebook, so according to that Instagram still achieve lower returns, seems to be doubling the number of ads displayed is designed to provide income Instagram of the proceeds from Facebook.

WordPress to tensions between the two companies continued to increase since he left the executive directors to buy Instagram the company suddenly last year.

According to information, has increased the Facebook pressure on the platform to share photos in order to redirect users to the region as compensation for assistance in the development of the service.

It is likely – for users – that the pressure on Instagram to improve traffic and visits to income to experience loaded with ads increasingly.

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