Instagram experience more of the changes to the algorithm to improve its succession of users


There are many people who are waiting to network Instagram introduced the publications of the others in chronological order as they have been doing in the past, but it does not seem that the company is owned by Facebook, will this change anytime soon. Instead, the network has Instagram actually made some new changes which she says she will improve the odds of users on Instagram. The changes are intended to give them more control in the publications that are presented in their homepage and make sure that they are viewing the most recent posts.

Listened to network Instagram finally to the complaints of users who don’t like their system, view the publications on the bottom line and how they are updated the conclusion to take them to the top automatically. I personally didn’t like this behavior. So, Instagram now test the button ” new posts ” which will allow users to select when they want to update the feed instead of the application automatically. In the event you click the button, it will move the user to new posts the top of the feed.

Approved network Instagram in the comments that the users want to see posts later in their differences first, and therefore are the appropriate adjustments be made to the appropriate algorithm of Don’t even be posts later ” much more likely ” to appear first.

Decided network Instagram navigation system display publications according to chronological order in the month of June of the year 2016, this was not good in fact in the eyes of the majority of users. However, it has stuck to its decision it appears that it is now unlikely to decide to Instagram back to the old way. The network of Instagram is currently working on further improvements to the bottom line or rather the publications that appear on the main page, and the changes that will be unveiled in the coming months.



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