Instagram explain why not issue a special application of the revelation of the iPad so far


In these days, it’s uncommon to see developers who create apps for iPhone they also create these same applications of the revelation of the iPad, unless there’s a reason very specific prevents them from doing so because of the inappropriateness of the application for your tablet device. However, for years, many were wondering about the reason that prevents Instagram from the version of the application by the revelation of the iPad.

According to a tweet from Chris Welch of The Verge, it seems that the CEO of Instagram explained the reason for the lack of application of the Instagram revelation of the iPad so far. According to the CEO, it appears that the police are too busy other projects did not have the time to focus on the establishment of the application of the revelation of the iPad so far.

He is quoted as saying that Instagram ” like to create application for iPad “. However, he added : ” But we have a lot of people, a lot to do, and shows up as the second-best thing to do after “. Based on the comments, it seems that a lot of people don’t approve of the content of this statement.

Overall, based on these statements, it seems that Instagram intends to develop a special application of the revelation of the iPad yet, so if you are hoping to change the situation in the year 2020, it is disappointed. In the meantime, we believe that we will continue to use your phone if you want to show Instagram on your mobile device.

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