Instagram explanation more space to navigate through the app to decide moderns new

انستقرام تفسح مساحة أكبر للتسوق عبر التطبيق بتحديثين جديدين

Instagram of the social platforms the most popular with the vast majority of internet users in general, it is no longer just a platform to share the picture has crossed that stages with app updates periodic, and today has become an integrated platform of personal communication and group of friends and the success coaches to being electronically used by brands to market their products, and in this context provided Instagram new ways to navigate through the app to complement her career in this direction of investment.

Has announced today that the company in her blog about the launch to the user can register via them, both when running into something I love, or follow through his pages its trademarks granulocytes and wanted to buy something specific, and provides Instagram today a property settlement through the story, which was tested last June to develop today in my world, and the expansion of the Employment Service in 46 states, and this update by clicking on the area which the police know in the story special as her to learn more about the product as the following image shows:

As for the update the other with respect to what was launched by Instagram last June from channels with different content, divided according to the interests of the owner of the account via the icon of the exploration (Explore), now when you press the Explore will appear a special mask to contain ads from brands and businesses that follow the user, where they will be able to recognize all that is new for his things the and easily accessible and the following Show Update:

According to the city, this property, any update will apply today will be a light globally over the coming weeks, now can try these home enthusiasts shopping to combine them at once.

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