Instagram feature development ” statistics of use ” to track The time you spend on the product


Company Google became interested entirely in the recent past of well being technical, I’ve talked about that on many occasions at the Annual Conference of developers Google I/O 2018 held last week. In fact, she did further the establishment of a new control panel in system Android P which allows you to take a closer look at the amount of time you spend on applications and the number of open the phone per day. It seems that the network of Instagram you create a feature similar in their application the official is called ” statistics use | Usage Insights“, has been reached after the monitoring of this feature in the source code of the application Instagram on the Android platform.

The source code revealed to us that the feature Usage Insights are currently being developed but has not been confirmed whether this feature will give users the amount of time that they spend on the Instagram since they created their account or to rely on a shorter time frame like day, week, or month.


I discovered Jane Manchun Wong this feature that hasn’t been released yet officially for users in the source code for the application. It should be noted that Jane Manchun Wong strong record in finding such features, as they found out recently that Twitter network choose a feature to encrypt the messages in a property direct messages Direct Messages.

I didn’t know network Instagram post on the matter, so she didn’t confirm or deny at the moment whether they will release this feature or not. Who knows, maybe you may come out in more detail about this feature in the next few weeks.



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