Instagram forces users to log in to view public content

In a strange step and will increase the rate of logins to the service, now Instagram is forcing users to enter their account in case they wanted to check out the published content to the public.

Therefore I do not have his account won’t be able to follow public accounts that will have them create new accounts. As well as the step to increase the rate of activity and interaction through forced entry.

Whether entered via the phone or the need to position Instagram as soon as you open any photo or video in it will ask you to create a new account or log in.

Such steps wouldn’t have been if continued presence of the founders of Instagram in the management of the company, but then abandoned their account to Facebook, we started to see what I think of forcing users to do things such as logging in or opening a stand-alone application to perform simple tasks such as the review of the general content.

I have Instagram currently has more than billion monthly active users, this procedure will raise this figure significantly because all of us want to browse the content will become the account is actively being logged-on.

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