Instagram insist that they don’t say spying on its users


We are sure that many of the experiences strange and scary a little bit where we talk with someone about something, to find out ads for this thing that we were talking about when we say open social media platforms such as Instagram. It looks like he is spying on us and eavesdropping on our conversations, isn’t it?

Recently, the CEO of Instagram, Mr. Adam Mosseri an interview with ” CBS This Morning ” where asked by host Gayle King asked if the application Instagram is listening to our conversations or not, a question to which he responded Mr. Adam Mosseri for stressing at the same time that Instagram don’t say spying on its users. Instead, it is proposed that it could be that subconsciously so that you can search in the topic already, therefore, show those ads to you.

According to Adam Mosseri, has stated by saying : ” there are two ways that could happen by it. The first way consists in the shock, while the second in the appearance of specific content in the ads because you’re looking to interact with this type of content recently. So maybe you’re interested in restaurants and food. Saw the restaurant on Facebook or Instagram and you really like that thing. Is on the upper edge of the contract, may not be conscious, and then pop up later. I think that these things often occur in a very precise manner “.

This is not the first time that denying Instagram or its parent company, Facebook, driving it is spying on users through microphones, although we are sure that the supernatural ability that ads for things we’ve been talking about just drive many people to doubt. Thus, you may not bring these statements to convince many users other than the belief currently.

In the meantime, the website BuzzFeed in the past year video clip test this theory about whether our phones listen to us, and you can watch that video of here.

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