Instagram is cluttered with advertising from all sides

No one likes advertising in any form, except that the advertisers themselves. Advertising may be different, and even sometimes interesting and attractive, but often for some reason, whatever brand or started to use it, annoying and annoying. So, besides the fact that once designed solely for photo sharing social network Instagram is already turning into a real online store, now is gradually coming to the climax of his transformation into one of the largest advertising platforms on the Internet.

Now in the tab Explore users of Instagram to get advertising

Advertising has penetrated seemingly all corners of Instagram, but judging by today’s news, still not all. Now advertising positions we will see in section Interesting and search. Over the next few months, the social network plans to gradually place more and more advertising in the form of photographs and video to Explore (which is in the tab Interesting and search).

New ads will function the same as the ones we are used to seeing in our main feed, along with links to Buy now on some of them. Users still have the ability to adapt is thus to see only what they are interested in and the data about user preferences will also be available to marketers.

Good old Instagram without advertising we have, it seems, will never see

Such innovations can be annoying if you’re used to often “surf” on the tape Explore in search of something new, however, it is not surprising that Instagram is on the way. While the usual promotional posts are based more on your individual tastes, advertising in the Explore tab can focus on General trends — if there’s a current meme, marketers will try not to miss this moment. Instagram obviously is not going to abandon additional opportunities to make money on their polzovatelej, given that more than half of them visit Explore at least once a month.

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